Spring Framework - brief explanation

Spring Framework - brief explanation

Spring Framework is definitely the most popular Java framework, so knowledge of it is crucial for everyone who want to become or who actually is a Java Developer.

The most of job offers for Java Software Engineers has Spring knowledge as requirement.

In this article I want to give you brief explanation what Spring Framework is and explain it's infrastructure and functions.


Firstly, we have to understand what is a framework.


A structure which helps build software in easier and faster way than without it. It provides a basic backbone of application, so there is no reason to start building an app from scratch.

More about framework definition you can read in my another article

Spring Framework vs Spring Boot

Spring Framework is a framework which provides a tons of ready-to-use tools which standalone implementation could takes a lot of time and require specified skills. It is abstraction level for building web applications.

Spring Boot is a "package", which contains Spring Framework, configuration and web app "server".


If you create application with Spring, for 99% sure you use Spring Boot as complete tool.

Spring Framework

It is a Java platform that provides well-prepared infrastructure support for developing Java apps. The first edition was released in 2002.

Spring Framework is used for creating backend part of application for platform of Java EE - Enterprise Edition.

It is based on two fundamental functionalities:

Examples of use

In short, Spring uses this two things to allow you to build business applications with different levels of complexity. For example:

  • microservices as backend
  • standard backend applications
  • cloud based applications


Concluding, spring makes programming Java apps easier, quicker and safer. Spring increases speed and productivity of creating a software which has made it the most famous Java framework.